Harmony Road

As I waited for information to be dispensed to me with the mass production and miserable quality of a drive through window, I noticed the odd shades of blue and green on the walls, they seemed angry, botched and  beaten. The brown carpet with tears and rips, it moaned in protest with every step of the giants who attend this class. 

They lied to me. All the un-compromised  bullshit feeding into peoples narrow conception of the world.

The air is hot and filled with odors. The man with more hair on his face than on his head tells me the air is clean, again he lies. Fake emotions, shallow victories for tricking man, especially in a world that rewards this behavior. I suppose only to provide a paycheck? 

Is it worth this terror? 

Is life meant to be one big bargain? 

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  • 7 months ago

Mountain Ave.

The first day of sun returning to the mountain country was glorious. The light enhancing every color it dared touch. All of the store fronts and nature all around glisten vibrantly with the fresh melted snow. The chrome and paint on the cars going by, a glaring reflection of what used to be. The horizon seemingly stretches onwards as to suggest exploration. To the west however there is a wall, one of impenetrable character. Miles high it seemed, forged from many years of natures will.

Daunting, depressing it may seem. 

In fact the inverse can be found. The wall does not cadge the people of this land, it does not make them live in fear or even its shadow. 

It Challenges. 

It invites exploration, excitement and adventure. it teases us every day to go beyond, to be restless, and to scale the mighty barrier that nature has constructed.

One day you will be mine.

One day I will scale you and find out what lies beyond.  

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  • 7 months ago
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Bingham Hill

The line between light and darkness always has a shadow.

The shadow represents a many options.

Will you stay in the dark, forever ignorant and uninformed? 

Will you stand in the shadow, always lagging behind the person who you see to be greater than you?

Or will you penetrate the light with full force and vigor becoming the next incarnation of greatness. 

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  • 7 months ago
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New Beginnings

The path to accepting your present & future, is only by completely acknowledging the past.   

I was engaged once

we fell out of love. 

Knowing this and understanding where I went wrong has led me to a new love, one worthy of being proud of. 

Life begins anew. 

Hello Again. 

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  • 7 months ago